Masters in Data Analytics: Scope for higher education in India

Gone are the days when merely a basic class 12 or even a graduation degree was enough to build a career. Nowadays, most of the people opt for a master's degree so as to brighten their career/future. It has sort of become a compulsion. One of the blooming career field in India is Data Analytics. It has developed in the country in the recent past and is yet to become a common career option.

What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is the handling and analysing of huge amount of data in various fields using various programming and analytical tools. Big data is one of them. For example : When you search something on Google, how do you think it fetches you the search results from all the websites? Or, ever wondered how each time you open an online shopping site, the next thing you see is its advertisement on Facebook? This is where Big data plays a big role!

It helps in increasing the business revenue, and improve operational efficiency. It also helps in better marketing and customer service efforts. The data analysis may consist of either past records or new information that has been processed. It is a blend of internal systems and external data sources.

Masters in Data Analytics :

Data Analytics, a blooming career field in India, is expected to have a rapid growth by the year 2020.

Mostly, people pursuing Msc, or Masters in Economics, or people from the IT field get into Data Analytics. The different course options in Data Analytics are :

1). Data Analytics using Python.
2). Analytic Techniques using Excel and Power BI
3). Data Analytics using R
4). Data Analytics using SAS, etc.

Curently, in India, there is a huge demand for this course, but the supply is less. There are many people in India who are not even aware of what it is. It is a growing career option.

As stated by Mckinsey Global Institute of study, there will be around 1.5 lac shortage of Data scientists by the year 2018 in the US. This huge requirement in the field has led to various programs like ,PGDM , and certification courses have started to train data enthusiasts and also professionals to upskill themselves. There are many online certification courses as well, which students and working professionals can take up to reskill and upskill themselves in today's time.

Benefits of Data Analytics :

It helps in various aspects of the business. Data Analytics is used to process large amounts of data and use various analytical tools to understand the business customers and their behaviour. In different fields, different uses and importance is relevant. Such as, health care industry, where data analytics can be used to analyse the data and provide the diagnosis of many diseases.

Conclusion :

In the race of career, where everyone is focused and determined to build their career and there are so many different options, Data Analytics is, indeed, a fascinating and an interesting career option. And there is an expectation of shortfall of data scientists in the future, not just in the US , but in India as well.